Residential containers and building modules

We have been engaged in the production of residential containers since 1991 and so we are one of the first manufacturers of containers in the Czech Republic. In 2015 we developed completely new and revolutionary solution of the technical implementation of residential containers. Our containers in standard design have a higher internal height (at least 2.6 meters), better thermal resistance (EnEV), complete elimination of thermal bridges, increased fire resistance, improved sound insulation and air tightness quality measured by "Blower Door" test.

General supplies and steel structures

We offer the manufacturing of industrial, storehouse and prefabricated "turnkey" buildings. Our offer includes the architectural design, documentation for zoning, building permit and for building construction, construction of the foundation slab or footings, underground utilities, assembly of the building, cooperation in approval procedures etc. Our customer can choose from a variety of facades, roofs, interior walls, floors, equipment and modifications around the building.


We have 25 years of experience in the manufacturing of steel products in our own manufacturing plant in Javorník, which is equipped with the latest technology for cutting, welding and painting the steel material. This experiences rank us among the leading Czech manufacturers. For our customers we supply:

  • steel welding
  • steel burnouts
  • steel parts
  • technological steel constructions

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General Supplies and Steel Structures
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Residential containers
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Production of steel construction
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Administrative background of car shop

Ground floor building, internal height 2.75 m, partially glazed.

Social background of Svitavy sports grounds

Ground floor building with a cold roof and MPL hanging facade.

Production of truss roof structure of the hall

Steel construction for a hall in Austria.

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Accommodation facility (Horní Počaply)
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Kindergarten (Jiříkov)
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Truss roof structure (ELORA GROUP)
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Storage and Production Facilities (ŽS Brno)
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Casing design technology (Biocel Paskov)
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Reconstruction and modernization (Pila FEP Navsi)
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Production Facilities (MORA TOP)
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