Grand opening of the newly rebuilt WAREX plant in Javorník

Date: 3.11.2010
Reconstruction and expansion of the manufacturing plant in Javorník.

New jobs at the reconstructed WAREX manufacturing plant in Javorník.

Jeseník District, and especially its Javorník border area, is among regions with a high rate of unemployment. In September of this year, it reached 12.8% here, and can be expected to grow even more over the winter months.
The efforts of WAREX Ltd., which has rebuilt and expanded its manufacturing plant in Javorník, are thus all the more appreciated. The newly rebuilt plant will not only make it possible to maintain current jobs, but will create 70 new jobs due to increased production capacity and implementation of a new production programme. Expansion of the manufacturing plant will increase the prosperity of one of the most structurally afflicted regions in the Olomouc Region.

The project's goal was to rebuild a plant that was originally used by an agricultural enterprise as a repair and maintenance facility for farm machinery. In the past, the plant had been designed with no clear concept or expectation of adequate utilization, and was in quite desolate shape. After structural modifications costing 94.5 million CZK, it will be possible to fully utilize the plant for industrial production with a resultant production increase, specifically for the manufacture of steel frames and prefab buildings. As part of the project, the original part of the plant was rebuilt and modernized, and a new plant addition was built, thus increasing total production capacity.

Reconstruction of the manufacturing plant meant not only new jobs and increased plant capacity, but also improvements to employee's work environment, consolidation of the position and development of MSP in the Jeseník area, and increased economic efficiency and competitiveness of companies in the Jeseník area. As the number of orders received by WAREX Ltd. grows, so will the purchase of materials and components for manufacturing from other suppliers in the region.

The entire investment was financed with the support of the Enterprise and Innovation programme supported by the European Union. As the CEO of WAREX, Ing. Antonín Fryč, informed us, the building of the project during times of economic crisis saved money on its construction, and created conditions for increasing production capacity of steel frames and for implementation of a new prefab building manufacturing programme.

The entire project has already been received final building approval, and the gala opening of the renovated WAREX manufacturing plant took place on 3 November 2010 with the participation of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Employment Bureau, local municipal government and business partners.

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