Seven nursery schools within two months – WAREX prefab buildings are the hit of the season

Date: 19.11.2010

WAREX Ltd. has come up with a new and revolutionary solution, a prefab building construction system. This type of building is of particular interest to municipalities for the construction of civic facilities, mainly due to rapid construction that cultured architectural solution. During the summer holidays, seven new nursery schools measuring from 230 to 470 m2 were thus built. During their gala openings, not only representatives from municipalities from around Pardubice and Lysá nad Labem, where the schools stand, but also parents with children who will use them were able to see for themselves their high design and build quality. Interest in these buildings is very high, and a number of new delivery contracts have been signed for the remainder of this year.

At the close of last year, WAREX began with the intensive development of a new type of building design solution that would meet the following criteria: quick construction, a high-quality architectural solution, low price, minimal shipping costs and high energy efficiency. During the course of a half-year, the new WAREX building system was developed and tested on a prototype. The building made use of new, original structural nodes, and the system is protected by a patent as a utility model in the Czech Republic and another 45 countries.

The main load-bearing element of a WAREX prefab building is a steel frame whose columns are either anchored directly in a concrete foundation slab, or the building has a self-supporting steel frame placed on concrete footers. The building itself may have up to three floors, with a standard interior room height of 2.6 m to 3 m. The steel skeleton frame has a standard 0.6 m modularity with element spans from 1.8 m to a maximum of 7.2 m. The steel frame is covered with a sandwich-type exterior shell. On the outside of the building, the shell consists of an insulated façade with mineral plaster, and inside of drywall. The total insulation thickness of 230 mm not only meets, but also greatly exceeds prescribed standards. WAREX system prefab buildings have achieved Class B energy efficiency as low-energy buildings. The roof of the prefab buildings is supplied according to customer wishes, and first and foremost according to the architect's requirements taking into account surrounding structures. It can thus be of gable or gambrel type, or even flat, with the new type of monolithic polyurethane roof guaranteeing a perfect seal, and WAREX providing a 10-year warranty. WAREX prefab buildings also have the great advantage of eliminating any sort of thermal bridges.

All prefab building components are manufactured at the manufacturing plant, with only assembly taking place at the construction site. A similar approach is used by construction systems using residential containers (modules). However, WAREX prefab buildings do not under go final assembly until they reach the construction site, and within a limited load width and height, more material is delivered in comparison. This results in significant cost reductions, both for shipping and crane use. Construction speed is also unique. For example, a nursery school with a 230 m2 footprint is completely manufactured and built within only 6 weeks, including foundation. A nursery school with a footprint of 470 m2 is completed within only 8 weeks.

Through optimization of the steel frame, reduction of shipping costs and suitable production of basic parts and nodes in the production plant, a very good price point has been achieved. The price of a complete building with an insulated mineral façade, interior drywall partitions and dropped ceilings, electrical wiring and sanitary fixtures is thus around 11,000 CZK per m2 (excluding VAT, footers and utility connections).

However, WAREX Ltd. does not offer its prefab building system only for nursery schools. For example, it has prepared and is building a social housing project. This building, with 15 either 1 + kk (26 m2) or 2 + kk (46 m2) apartments with complete accessories and fixtures, including foundations, transport and assembly, is delivered for around 8.2 million CZK (excluding VAT). By building such buildings, municipalities can address issues of socially ostracized residents, women's shelters, starter housing for young families, etc. at an acceptable cost.

As we were told by the CEO of WAREX Ltd., Ing. Antonín Fryč, CSc., there is great interest in WAREX system prefab buildings both in the Czech Republic and abroad. Due to their easy transport in sea containers, buildings can be transported to remote countries in Africa or Asia, where there is interest primarily in the area of school construction. With the support of local national governments, joint venture creation projects are also created. These make it easier to succeed in these remote markets, and serve to further reduce shipping costs.

Due to a number of advantages in the area of functionality, price, construction speed, minimization of shipping costs and architectural design, WAREX system prefab buildings shall thus find applications both in construction of civic amenities – nursery schools, schools, hospitals, shopping centres and civic services, but also in construction of apartments and family homes in the Czech Republic and abroad.


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