Nursery School in Třebotov increases its capacity by 25 children with new addition

Date: 30.6.2011
Construction of the Třebotov Nursery School has been completed.

A nursery school addition for 25 children was completed in June in Třebotov, increasing the capacity of the existing nursery school. Its footprint is 201 m2. The new nursery school is a one-storey building with a gable roof with wooden beams. The entire building was connected to the existing nursery school buildings.

The building sits on a strip foundation of plain concrete to below the frost line. The nursery school pavilion has been designed with a WAREX system steel frame. Vertical members are composed of hollow steel columns. Horizontal frame members consist of steel truss girders.

Exterior walls are of sandwich construction. The interior has a drywall skin wall. The exterior is insulated with a 100 mm contact façade system. Interior partitions are made of Knauf system drywall. Windows and exterior doors are plastic with insulating double-glaze glass.

Construction was performed by HOME a.s. Photo gallery of the construction of a nursery school for 25 children using the WAREX system.



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