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Date: 5.9.2011
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WAREX Ltd. is successfully continuing in the construction of more nursery schools and buildings built with the WAREX system. In 2011, a total of 412 children will thus start attending newly built WAREX nursery schools. Other types of prefab buildings are still in the works.

Prefab buildings using the WAREX system can quickly solve a problem for children of preschool and school age. The quick construction process facilitates a quick reaction to the problem of insufficient capacity in nursery schools and schools. If demand for nursery schools and schools declines, the new WAREX system buildings and additions can be quickly and inexpensively rebuilt to serve other purposes (residential units, senior citizens' homes, clubhouses, libraries, etc.).

On 31 August 2011, an Open Door Day was held for the general public at the prefab Kostička nursery school on Tyršova St. in Milovice. Construction of the Milovice Nursery School had been going on since the beginning of June, and was opened for children on 1 September 2011. The new nursery school, built using the WAREX system, was designed for up to 112 children, and has a total footprint of 1059 m2. The new building consists of two rectangular pavilions connected by a central part. Both parts are L-shaped, and thus enclose a protected green area for children's outdoor activities. Each pavilion is conceived as a building for two groups (two day rooms) of 28. The building height up to the parapet is 4.2 m. The new building is a single-story building. Both pavilions have independent entrances.

In the first half of the year, a nursery school for 25 children with a centre for parents on maternity leave was built in Jalubí, with an area of 249 m2.

In June, a nursery school addition for 25 children in Třebotov was completed, which helped increase the capacity of the existing nursery school. Its area is 201 m2, and is a ground-floor structure.

The building has a wood-beam gable roof. The entire building was connected to the existing nursery school buildings. The building sits on a strip foundation of plain concrete down below the frost line. The nursery school pavilion has been designed with a WAREX system steel frame. Vertical members are composed of hollow steel columns. Horizontal frame members consist of steel truss girders. Exterior walls are of sandwich construction. The interior has a drywall skin wall. The exterior is insulated with a 100 mm contact façade system. Interior partitions are made of drywall. Windows and exterior doors are plastic with insulating double-glaze glass.

A nursery school for 50 children has been completed in Týnec nad Sázavou. Expansion of the existing nursery school by a pavilion for 50 children has been accomplished through a detached pavilion with a footprint of 431.9 m2. The new nursery school is a one-storey flat-roofed building. The day room looks southeast through a glass façade. The framing system is a WAREX system steel skeleton. Load-bearing columns are connected with steel truss girders. Windows and exterior doors are plastic, with triple glazing. An Open Door Day for the public with a ribbon-cutting ceremony took place on 30 August 2011 with the participation of representatives of the town of Týnec nad Sázavou, our company and guests.

Currently, a nursery school for 50 children is being built in Hradec Králové (two sections for 25 children each) with an area of 413 m2. The building was designed as a prefab steel frame. Vertical and horizontal load-bearing elements are built with a WAREX steel frame. The roof is of single-shell type.

Another building is a detached single-storey rectangular pavilion measuring 9.95 x 21.35 m in Mratín for 25 children, with a gable roof. A nursery school addition in Chýně covering 245 m2 is designed as a detached single-storey building with a flat room, connected to the ground floor of the existing nursery school building with a connecting link. In Uhříněves, construction of a prefab nursery school for 50 children is taking place. It is a detached single-storey pavilion with a flat roof. Day rooms are face south and west, with windows looking out over a garden.

Prefab WAREX system buildings meet even the most demanding building construction criteria. The skeleton of a WAREX system prefab building is composed of a steel frame with a span of up to 7.2 meters. Building exteriors are variable, according to customer wishes – panels with mineral insulation or polyurethane panels. Construction of WAREX prefab buildings is quick, can take place during any season of the year, and boasts high layout flexibility. WAREX prefab buildings can serve a wide range of uses – civil amenities, apartment houses, office buildings, etc.

The façade of the prefab building is designed according to customer wishes and per an architectural study, taking into account surrounding buildings. The façade can consist of a contact insulation system with plaster, cement-bonded particleboard panels, painted sheet metal, glass, ceramic tiles, etc.

WAREX system prefab buildings meet the requirements of low-energy class B to C buildings (according to building location and heating method). Windows and exterior doors are normally plastic, with double or triple glazing.


Prefab buildings are an effective way to save time and money. Thanks to low capital costs, quick construction, flexible layout, high quality and good energy efficiency, they are being used ever more frequently.

Our buildings are 20 – 25% less expensive than buildings built with classical technologies.

Construction times are significantly shorter, in some cases half that of classically built buildings. A 500 m2 building takes about two months to build.

The entirely newly developed WAREX construction system for prefab buildings allows for the construction of buildings of any type that meet all modern requirements, in a very short time and at very good prices, including the ability to realize a suitable architectural solution.

The average cost of construction is approximately 14,500 CZK – 20,000 CZK (excluding VAT) per m2 of built area (or individual floors). The price depends on the technical standard required and architectural design requirements.

It must also be noted that the WAREX prefab building system is not a "container module" system, but a system from which "real buildings" are built, with an accelerated process thanks to prefabricated elements (steel frame, building shell). Another advantage is that internal layout can be very easily changed from a technical perspective, and at a very low cost (dry construction systems are used). The interior has no load-bearing walls, only columns. Partitions can be moved about at will.

In recent times, WAREX prefab buildings have become very popular due to their quality, speed and variability. The WAREX system has been used to build a number of buildings, and many others are being built.


The delivery of a prefab building from WAREX can be completely comprehensive, including architectural design and budgeting, arranging a building permit, help with writing up a subsidy application, construction of "turnkey" buildings, delivery of interior furnishings and accessories, final approval and commissioning.


WAREX prefab buildings can also be delivered in various stages of completion. The most basic scope of delivery is a building shell and core, where the price is from as low as 8900 CZK per m2 of floor space (excluding VAT and foundation). Delivery includes a steel frame, perimeter walls with an exterior façade, roof, windows and exterior doors. The investor can then complete the building with his own resources or by using a local contractor. There is interest in WAREX system prefab buildings not only from Czech cities and towns and private investors, but also from abroad.


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