Construction of prefabricated nursery in Hradec Kralove before completion

Date: 21.9.2011
Assembled system WAREX kindergarten for 52 children.

Assembled nursery school in Hradec Kralove - Kukleny is nearly finished. Commissioning the building be held on September 26th and the opening of a kindergarten is going to be October 3, 2011. The preschool board 52 children aged at least 3 years.

The building prefabricated schools is based on the foundation and concrete bases designed to be mounted skeleton of WAREX exterior walls filled with light sandwich panels with a final layer of thermal insulation composite system. Partitions are handled as plaster construction. Windows and doors are plastic, double glazing unit. The facade is plastered with plaster in light shade (white with yellow accents). The roof is flat over an unventilated single casing with thermal insulation panels of polystyrene foam and polyurethane insulation sprayed with shut-off coating.

The building is a simple elongated rectangular plan and the longer sides are oriented northwest and southeast. The building is divided into two halves, each for 25 children with a social and sanitary facilities. Common areas are nurseries veprostřed layout and consist of staff and facilities for food preparation areas. New prefabricated nursery meets the requirements for use by persons with limited mobility.

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