In Uhříněves and Chyna is the construction of new kindergartens

Date: 10.10.2011
We build more nurseries in the assembled system WAREX.

At present, construction of prefabricated nursery for 50 children in Uhříněves and extension of kindergarten for 25 children in Chýně.

The new pavilion kindergarten Chýně is designed as a detached single-storey building, covered flat roof, connected to the ground floor of the original building connecting Little Neck, which will serve as a vestibule of the new pavilion. The whole area of ​​the kindergarten system WAREX will have the shape of an inverted "L" in the orientation room daily to the southwest. Substructure completion of building the new Hall Kindergarten is steel, mounted skeleton of steel columns from the closed profile stored on the base feet of plain concrete and reinforced concrete around the perimeter at the base passport to non-freezing depth. External walls are sandwich. The interior side is formed of plasterboard. Facades are made of thin plaster in the thermal insulation composite system. The roof is designed as a flat single layer of insulation with the classical order of layers. The final layer is made of sprayed polyurethane foam and fire safety reasons, connecting neck guard metal roofing. The internal walls are plasterboard. The floors are designed as floating. Windows and exterior doors are in plastic with triple insulation. The pavilion will be heated by the boiler to natural gas. The new pavilion is accessible from the garden to the south-east vestibule, where access is through the dressing room to the living room. From the living room is access to sanitary facilities for children, sunbeds warehouse, offices and food preparation areas. From the living room is also access to the garden. From the vestibule area, hallway, entrance into the sanitary facilities and technical staff room with a cleaning chamber. The structural system consists of steel deck. The ceiling plane are interconnected by steel trusses. Joints are screwed. Building process kindergarten for 25 children in Chýně.

Mounted kindergarten for 50 children in Uhříněves is designed as a stand-alone pavilion. The new object is a single-storey flat roof. Day rooms are oriented to the east and west and have windows situated in the garden. The building is based on the underlying bases of plain concrete based in non-freezing depth. Pavilion kindergarten is made of a steel skeleton - WAREX system. Vertical load-bearing structures are made up of columns of circular hollow steel sections. Horizontal load-bearing structures are made of steel trusses. External walls are sandwich. The core of the outer wall is formed wall panel. The exterior wall is insulated facade system contact. Surface of the facades are made of thin plaster in the thermal insulation composite system. The roof is designed as a flat foil. Drainage is done by roof drains. Interior walls are plaster board certified in the system. The floors are designed as floating. The floors will be installed underfloor heating. Plastic windows are equipped with double glass with plastic inner and outer sills tin. Building process kindergarten for 50 children in Uhrineves.


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