Building operational building in the golf resort

Date: 24.10.2011
Prefabricated buildings - Golf Beroun operating building.

New office building Beroun Golf Resort area of ​​428 m2 is part of the golf course in Beroun. The new building will serve as a security service building for maintenance of the golf course. Operating building is designed as a one-story U-shaped with a flat roof, bounded attics. The building is based on the underlying bases of plain concrete based in non-freezing depth. Operating building is designed with a steel skeleton - WAREX system. Vertical load-bearing structures are made ​​up of columns of circular hollow steel sections, horizontal supporting structures are made ​​of steel trusses. Roof structures are also two types according to the type of space that they enclose. The roof over the heated space is designed as a flat membrane, above unheated spaces are designed as flat with a covering of trapezoidal sheet metal. Interior walls are plaster board certified in the system. The windows are white plastic with double glass. Entrance doors are in the same design as the windows. The entrances to the hall to the machines are made ​​up of sectional doors, steel entrance door to the workshop opening. In operating the building is heated only wing of the building. The heat source is electric. The structural system consists of a steel skeleton, joints are screwed.  The course of construction operations building in the golf resort.


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