Assembled in kindergarten Uhříněves inaugurated

Date: 3.11.2011
Uhrineves a new kindergarten for 56 children.

Prague, 31/10/2011 - The lack of places in nursery schools currently suffer from not only parents but also mayors. The same problem recently faced in Prague-Uhříněves, where in these days opens a new pavilion for fifty-six preschoolers. Construction lasted only two months and due to the effectiveness of prefabricated buildings WAREX city coffers came to 9.2 million CZK without VAT.

"Uhrineves is a rapidly growing part of the city with a high proportion of young families. Construction of a new nursery school and was therefore a necessity for us as leaders and community responsibilities. When searching for a new supplier for kindergarten, we considered several factors - speed of construction, to supply turnkey installations, including the interior and of course we watched the amount of costs, " says Mayor Uhříněves Milan Coller.

Mounted kindergarten for 56 children is surrounded by gardens and is designed as a stand-alone single-storey pavilion with a flat roof. Day rooms are oriented towards both east and west. The building is based on the underlying bases of plain concrete based in non-freezing depth. The pavilion is designed kindergarten steel skeleton system WAREX. Vertical load-bearing structures are formed by columns of circular hollow steel sections. Horizontal load-bearing structures are made of steel trusses. External walls are sandwich. The core of the peripheral wall is formed wall panel. The exterior wall is insulated facade contact system. The surface of the facade is made of thin plaster in the thermal insulation composite system. The roof is designed as a flat membrane. Drainage is dealt with roof drains and interior partitions are drywall in a certified system, floating floors with underfloor heating. The windows are plastic with insulating double glazing fitted with plastic inner and outer sheet metal poplastovanými sills.

"The prefabricated buildings WAREX is currently very demanded especially in those cities and municipalities, which must quickly deal with the lack of places for children of preschool age," confirms the interest of municipalities Director WAREX Antonín Fryč. "The advantage of building our programs is not only their variability, they are easy to rebuild for the desired purpose, but also significant time and financial savings." Building process kindergarten for 50 children in Uhříněves.



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