Mounted in the extension of the kindergarten was opened Borovany

Date: 1.2.2012
Borovany have a new pavilion for 25 kindergarten children.

Borovany, 31 st January 2012 - The location of pre-schoolers to kindergarten worried parents and mayors. The lack of places in kindergarten recently solved in Borovany near České Budějovice, where, a new pavilion for another 25 children. Extension of the assembled system WAREX municipal purse came to 5.5 million CZK excluding VAT.

"The city continues to grow Borovany, last year exceeded four thousand inhabitants. In connection with this increased capacity, the need for kindergarten. Although we have built up in 2010 and placed sixth grade total of 165 children, young families need continued to grow. Because the city could afford to build another class of its own funds and the flexibility WAREX company, managed to open the year in kindergarten 7th class and thus fully meet the current demand on the number of 185 seats, "said Mayor Borovany Stanislav Malik.

Addition of a new pavilion for 25 children is part of the existing nursery school premises. Detached single-storey building, roofed flat roof, is connected with the original object kindergarten. The supporting construction of a new pavilion consists of a steel frame mounted on steel columns. The new pavilion is accessed from the east side of the garden, where access is through the locker room to the living room space. From the living room and dressing rooms, access to social facilities for children, sunbeds warehouse, offices and food preparation areas and also to the garden.

"The demand of cities and municipalities, which must in a short time to solve the problem with the lack of places for children of preschool age, is still strong,"  says WAREX company owner Antonin Fryč. "The advantage of building our programs is not only their variability, they are easy to rebuild for the desired purpose, but also significant time and financial savings."

Building process kindergarten for 25 children in Borovany.


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