We build a new kindergarten for 75 children

Date: 18.7.2012
Assembled kindergarten in the Czech Lipa was in progress.

The project deals with new building of nursery school, including connection to transport and technical infrastructure. The concept is based on a simple elongated rectangular arrangement, which is reflected in own mass composition of two-storey building without a cellar and with flat roof. Operation of the building is divided into 2 floors above the ground level. The main entrance is located in the north side of the building - seen from the access road. Seen from the east, there is supply unit of the building with separate operation.

In the 1st floor above the ground level, there is one class for 25 children and facilities for the entire building (central food servery, offices, warehouses, etc.)

In the central part of the object there is a vertical communication lane which allows movement of staff and children to the second storey and back.

In the 2nd floor above the ground level, there are two game rooms with appropriate facilities and equipment for two groups of 25 children.

Total capacity is 75 children and maximum of 10 employees.

Regarding construction matter, the new kindergarten building has the form of a mounted steel skeleton in modular lane based on a number of piles. Ceiling structures are then designed as trapezoidal ones fitted with concrete pouring and placed on supporting joists. The structural system was selected with regards of the purpose of use of the building - need for speed and efficiency of large-span solution, economy of construction and also with regards to time aspect of own implementation. The system was also chosen in accordance with the required durability of the supporting structure and siding of the proposed building which is considered for a period of min. 60 years.

Internal partition structures will be dealt with as plaster structures placed on a metal supporting frame. The supporting structure of partitions shall be based on a flexible underlay. Roof of the building will be done mechanically by using anchored foil hydro-insulation. The outer siding wall will be provided with thin plaster on the contact thermo-insulating system.

Stepping layers will be made of washable and non-skid materials (PVC, ceramic tiles).

Openings in external walls are fitted with windows made of plastic profiles in white colour. The windows are made of plastic material. The windows consist of five-chamber profile, they are fitted with insulation double glass.

Construction schedule for 75 kindergarten children in the Czech Lipa


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