Extension of the new pavilion prefab kindergarten for 50 children

Date: 16.10.2012
In Tursko build prefabricated steel building structure.

Extension pavilion kindergarten with 50 seats (2 x 25 children) is solved in a rectangular shape adapted land. Input areas are proposed for both classes. At the door is located the main dressing room with 50 seats, which in turn flows into different classes. The main cloakroom children is equipped with its own toilet facilities. Classes are located behind and in the center is designed for each of them, sanitary facilities and storage areas.

Extension of the pavilion is designed as a prefabricated building. WAREX assembled system is based on a sandwich, perimeter wall, which consists of plaster, insulation, steel supporting column, and internal air gap in pre. The interior walls are plaster wall. Ceiling construction consists of steel trusses covered with trapezoidal sheet structure and routine thermal insulation. Heating new kindergarten building is designed as a hot plate with radiators.

The cladding is plastered full colored surface in shades of brick and pastel yellow. The windows are plastic in white. Plumbing elements and downpipes are designed in graphite titanium zinc.

Built up area is 324 m2 pavilion, corridor and entry area 14 m2. Total built up area is 338 m2 outbuildings.

Building process kindergarten for 50 children in Tursko


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