Assembled preschool with steel skeleton jacketed sandwich panels in the Czech Lipa

Date: 5.12.2012
Inauguration Kindergartens Patelka was 5.12.

Double-deck mounted kindergarten in the Czech Lipa open.

Czech Lipa 5th December 2012 - Lack of places in kindergarten now solved in the Czech Lipa, where he established a new two-storey kindergarten for an additional 75 children. Extension of the assembled system with a steel skeleton WAREX municipal coffers came to 21.6 million CZK without VAT.

"We decided to build a new kindergarten, despite the fact that other nursery schools in the city would be repealed kindergarten Crayon capacitively cover. The Svárově is home to many young families with small children and we want them to enjoy a comfortable nursery near the house. I believe that mothers with young children who live in Svárov, and that they appreciate the new preschool facilitate daily care of their children, "said the mayor of Czech Lipa Hana Moudrá.

The new school has a capacity of 75 children. It is conceived as a two-storey rectangular building basement flat roof. The main entrance is on the north side of the building, access roads from the streets by the pond and Svárovská. On the east side of the building is a separate entrance for supplies, on the south side of the children are now available almost twice larger garden than they had previously. On the ground floor there is one class for 25 children with facilities, offices for staff and food servery. On the first floor there are two classes, each for 25 children, with accessories and small food servery. This has to be imported from a nursery school nearby Guerrilla.

Object lifetime is at least 60 years of age. Due to the fact that city officials wanted a nursery built in the shortest possible time and at the least money, it is a kindergarten with prefabricated steel skeleton jacketed sandwich panels. The outer walls are insulated contact system, in the building windows. The kindergarten was begun this summer, was completed in November. The total cost of construction, which contractor is Warex, climbed to roughly 21.6 million crowns.
Construction schedule for 75 kindergarten children in the Czech Lipa

"The advantage of our construction programs is not only their variability, it is easy to rebuild for your purpose, but also the significant time and financial savings," said company owner Anthony WAREX Fryč.

"We've got a lot of changes now, everything will be new to us, we will learn everything again. We therefore naturally a bit of fear. We will also have to get used to the building, which is smaller than the original object. But the new Crayon is a nice, modern, and we are very much looking forward to it. We again after more than a year all together, "added the director Kindergarten Pastelka John Červinková.


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