Inauguration and Open Day Kindergarten in Tursko took place on December Thursday 13th, 2012

Date: 13.12.2012
Assembled extension kindergarten Tursko open.

Assembled kindergarten in Tursko designed as a prefabricated building with steel structures.

Tursko December 13th, 2012 - Extension of pavilion kindergarten with 50 seats (2 x 25 children) of the assembled system WAREX came municipal coffers to 5, 7 million CZ crowns without VAT.

The ceremonial opening was attended by the Mayor of Václav Vlk, OU Tursko council, director of kindergarten Ing. Eva Ditrichová, owner Ing. Antonín Fryč, children and parents. Children prepare teachers with nice Christmas performances, which have had the joy of not only parents, but pleasant Christmas atmosphere and guests were pleased.

At Christmas time, the children and their parents came to see the new nursery, which was built in a record time of two months. Built-up area of the new pavilion is 324 m2, and the entry corridor area 14 m2. Total built up area is 338 m2 outbuildings. Building process kindergarten for 50 children in Tursko

"Thank you to everyone who participated in the construction of new kindergartens participated, mainly representatives of WAREX and owner of the company Ing. Fryč who have made great efforts to the construction took place in the term. Should not do it with us easy, but the task is acquitted with honor and as a business partner WAREX recommend and i will be very happy to recommend to continue. pass this key director Mrs. Ing. Ditrichová and wish to make them in the nursery with the children loved it ", said the mayor, Mr. Václav Vlk.

"We thank the community and the mayor that had the courage and started the difficult decision to build a new village in our nursery, I look forward to welcome you in our new kindergarten children", said the director Ing. Ditrichová.


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