Prefab newly built kindergarten in seer construction

Date: 2.5.2013
We build a kindergarten for 50 children and the Department for clubs. polština němčina We build a kindergarten for 50 children and the Department for clubs.

Newly built nursery is a single-storey building with a capacity of 50 children (2 separation after 25 children) + Department of clubs is designed as a prefabricated construction. The building's basement, rectangular shape with a flat roof that is not walkable. In terms of layout is possible pomylsně divide nursery into three separate units disposition: 2 + child class facilities for clubs. But there are indoor / operationally connected. The layout of classes consists of a living room, warehouse chairs, washrooms, toilets and changing rooms. Common to both classes is food preparation. It is operationally using indoor connecting link connected to the existing kindergarten kitchen area. Communal facilities newly built prefab kindergarten are changing rooms for employees, including washrooms and toilets.

The whole object kindergarten is designed assembled systems company. For the design of the building envelope will be made insulation system coated with silicate plaster. Base is insulated with polystyrene and provided contact Siding abrasion resistant color gray.

Steel structure prefabricated buildings: basic system elements supporting steel structures are lattice girders, columns and beams that are assembled on site bolted connections. Establishment of new kindergarten building is designed on concrete footings. Internal non-load bearing walls are fitted with internal SDK painting. Ceiling and roof structure while kindergarten is made up of trapezoidal sheets deposited on the horizontal truss ceiling trusses. Roof kindergarten will be flat, single-layer without ventilation. Partitions are designed as a standard system with plasterboard finished interior painting. Cladding will be provided with an outdoor silicate plaster, which will be part of the solution compact thermal insulation system of the building envelope. Tiles in the bathroom and toilet are considered ceramics. Wear layer interior floors will consist of ceramic tiles or PVC. At the point of entry into kindergarten is designed cleaning zone - cleaning carpet. Construction process for 50 kindergarten in Vestec.


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