Connecting Corridor in Jeseník completed.

Date: 27.5.2013
Corridor of steel structures linked spa facilities.

The combination treatment jubilee house villa and spa house Peace in Priessnitz Jeseník dealt company WAREX connecting corridor of steel structure clad with sandwich type panels Kingspan. This is a barrier-free connections.

The steel structure is designed as a frame, waste steel columns anchored to the foundation of cross passports. Roofing is solved pleated jacket with single slope. The colors used are deliberately chosen in natural pastel shades of beige and ocher. On the inside, the walls and ceiling lined with plasterboard painted in white. Space corridor is lit windows in the side walls. The entire corridor is one space. Artificial lighting is designed incandescent or fluorescent lights.

Floor construction consists of a steel trapezoidal sheet. As the surface layer were used slip vinyl flooring. The roof consists of folded jacket made of corrugated galvanized steel, thermal insulation and modified belts. The walls and ceiling are made inside lined plasterboard.

Built-up area 100,5 m2.

Built-up area 380 m2.

Investor: VOKD a.s. Ostrava.

Location: Jesenik. Implementation of construction 2013.


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Ground floor building, internal height 2.75 m, partially glazed.

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