Extension of nursery school for 56 children Praha Zlicín currently under construction

Date: 11.6.2013
The new school system mounted WAREX for 2 x 28 children.

Extension of prefab kindergarten on one floor, with an estimated capacity of 2 department for 28 children in each department with the necessary facilities, transportation calm and finish the yard with playground. Extension will be connected to the existing building kindergartens and primary schools Zlicín. The building will be slab-storey extension.

Architecturally, it is a single-storey building with a basement mounted flat roof. Horizontally extension is dealt with in the shape of an inverted T. The annex is connected by a neck to the existing building of the kindergarten. In the southern part there are two wings, each with one class and sanitary facilities for children and nursery staff. In the middle of extensions is also the technical background of the proposed extension and hot meals for two proposed class. In the western part of the extension is designed to store toys and WC - both accessible from outer space. Each class is designed for 28 children - will be the total extension of 56 children. Clearance of the proposed residential space will be three meters.

Facades will be dealt with in three basic colors, white, yellow and red. In the vicinity of the new additions prefab kindergarten system will WAREX pavements of concrete pavement. When you enter the land kindergartens will be built two new parking spaces.

The supporting structure consists of steel frame assembly modules. Fillers are sandwich panels from the interior fitted with plasterboard. The supporting structure is made up of welded steel frame. Among them are reports in the modules connecting bolts. The vertical structure will consist of a steel frame construction sheathing SDK interior lining with fire resistance. The inner walls are plasterboard system. Floors will be formed based on the system board flooring. Window inserts are designed as plastic with double glazing. Entrance doors are designed like white plastic with insulated glazing. Basis for the proposed facility will consist of foundation passports, partly concrete.

Development progress kindergarten for 56 children Praha 5 - Zlicín.


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