Construction of nursery schools in Pardubice almost complete

Date: 27.8.2010
Completion of prefab nursery schools built with the WAREX system.

The prefab nursery schools were designed to blend in with the architecture of surrounding buildings. The nursery school skeleton is composed of a steel frame, while its shell is composed of sandwich panels. The building exterior has a mineral plaster façade, and the interior contains drywall partitions. Interior height is 3m, which has a beneficial effect on the classroom environment, as water condensation does not occur and there is better air exchange.

The prefab nursery schools shall have capacity for 175 children. Completion work is taking place at Pospíšilovo náměstí NS, K Polabinám NS, Ul. Mladých NS and Brožíkova NS. In September, Pardubice-Popkovice NS and Raisova NS will be ready for handover.

Handover schedules for the nursery schools will be met, and all prefab buildings have a valid building permit.

Here is a photo gallery of the construction of individual prefab nursery schools using the WAREX system


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