We build a kindergarten for 75 children in Jiříkov

Date: 21.8.2014
Construction of a kindergarten with steel structure.

Prefab Nursery School for 75 children in Jirikov

Construction of a new nursery school Jirikov runs from the beginning of June. Construction preceded the demolition of the old school building. New building kindergartens WAREX system was designed for 75 (3x25) of children and the total built up area is 446m2. The building is shaped as a rectangle, and the basement has 2 floors, the roof is gabled roof. There are 3 classes of 25 children each, the total capacity is 75 children. The main entrances to the building are addressed from the south side.

The main supporting steel structure building kindergarten form transverse two-story frame links. Steel structures including staircases based on footings and strip of plain concrete. Part of interior design is an elevator shaft. The internal staircase is steel with precast concrete steps. Outside staircase is steel and will serve as an escape. Within the building is designed dining elevator to transport food from Varna to pantries in the 2nd Floor. Capacity will lift min. 100 kg.

The floors in the building are addressed in offices, locker rooms and casinos stress PVC. The casinos will be partly used heavy-duty carpet. In other rooms will be used for ceramic tiles with non-slip surface. Ceilings are of SDK panels hung on a steel grid. In washrooms, boiling and other wet areas will be used SDK boards for humid environments. Ceiling fixtures are attached or mounted. The windows will be PVC with double glazing, warm distance frame, frame color white, with peripheral fittings. The entrance door to the building will be aluminum, partially glazed double glazing unit. Entrance doors will be equipped with an electronic lock with mechanical release mechanism connected to an electronic door communicator. Heating is central. The utility room are two condensing gas boilers. Divorces are mainly held in the floors. The radiators are plate. The building will have a lightning rod.

Construction of nursery school for 75 children in Jirikov.


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