Expansion of factory MAHLE Behr Ostrava - Storage and production hall

Date: 3.9.2014
Delivery truss roof structure.

WAREX Ltd. acquired in July 2014 contract for the supply of roof truss manufacturing halls MAHLE Behr Ostrava, which is engaged in manufacturing of automotive parts. This is the fourth expansion of plant capacity.

Overall, it is the supply and installation of 296.5 tons of steel, which is implemented in five buildings. The entire supply is to be made in a very short period from September to October 2014.

Mounting a storage hall of MAHLE Behr Ostrava will be an industrial building. Indoor facility is designed to support concrete frame complete with steel roof structures supplied by our company WAREX. The building will be covered with a flat roof.

This is a two-bay, single-storey building of the hall connects seamlessly with the existing hall, both in shape and design. Hall space will be structurally divided into three main parts. Vertical supporting structure are formed with prefabricated reinforced concrete pillars, which are provided in the upper part of the steel plates for receiving steel roof structure. In the hall is designed crane with capacity of 16 tons. Mounting to the steel structure is solved by means of screw connections. On the rooftop air handling units are located and fans, these are the platforms of steel and container frames. Lighting is designed as a system of artificial lighting. Insolation is provided by skylights and roof windows in the facade. The building is within the energy performance of buildings assigned to Category B - Very economical.

The other two dimensions: 40x200 m

Weight of steel structures: 296.5 tons

Building process - truss roof structure


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Ground floor building, internal height 2.75 m, partially glazed.

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