The ceremony outbuildings manufacturing steel buildings MBM WESTRA

Date: 16.10.2014
WAREX as a supplier of outbuildings manufacturing steel buildings.

On September 26, 2014 by MBM WESTRA Sousedovice officially announced extension of the production hall, second, its parent company MBM Maschinenbau GmbH Mühldorf, secondly, its business partners and also construction companies involved in the construction.

The main production program of the company MBM WESTRA Sousedovice the piece and small-lot production of special welded steel structures weighing up to 16 tonnes and their prefabricated components.

The other two dimensions outbuildings manufacturing steel buildings are 20x67,5m, clear height building is 9 meters. In part two-storey building is built for social and operational facilities of the plan dimensions 19,8x9m.

The main structure consists of a steel frame cross-ties of the material S355. The supporting structure of the roof and walls form a system of thin-walled galvanized cold-bended Z and C-sections from material S450. Extension of the factory building is designed to operate overhead cranes with capacity of 5 tons, while the swivel mounting cranes with capacity of 1 ton to 4 meters lining the main supporting columns.

Building envelope is made of a combination of polyurethane sandwich panels and panels with mineral wool required by the PBR.

Illumination of the object is plastic windows in the walls and arched ridge polycarbonate skylight in the roof.


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Ground floor building, internal height 2.75 m, partially glazed.

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