Completion of construction Kindergartens Jiříkov for 75 children and an Open Day

Date: 2.4.2015
Assembled kindergarten Jiříkov supporting steel structure in operation.

Completion of construction Kindergartens Jiříkov for 75 children and an Open Day

In the month of January 2015 was approved prefabricated kindergarten supporting steel structure in Jiříkov. At the end of the month March 2015 was held in the premises of the new nursery Open Day for parents and the public. Construction, which was preceded by the demolition of the old building took place between 6/2014. Investment costs for the facility for 75 children with a total built area of ​​446 m2 were CZK 19 million. There are 3 classes of 25 children each, total capacity is 75 children.

The main supporting steel structure house a nursery school consists of two-storey frame cross ties. Steel construction, including the staircase is based on the footings and footings of plain concrete. Part of internal structures elevator shaft. Internal staircase is steel precast concrete steps. Outside staircase is steel and serve as escape. There is a dining lift for moving food from the brewhouse into the preparation room on the 2nd floor. The building has a rectangular plan shape, it has a basement and two floors. Roofing is a gable roof. Central heating is in the utility room are placed two condensing gas boilers. The delivery was the fire safety solutions.

Construction of nursery school for 75 children in Jirikov.


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