WAREX hall annex building with office facilities including alterations of the existing building lobby

Date: 11.5.2015
Extension of the assembly of steel hall E & K Automation.

WAREX hall annex building with office facilities including alterations of the existing building lobby.

At the end of March 2015 to celebrate the start of construction of a new extension steel buildings for the company E & K Automation laying the foundation stone. Inauguration and laying participated in both company management representatives WAREX Ltd. and management of E & K Automation and their employees.

The investment cost of the project Extensions and alterations of the hall with office facilities are expected about 12 mil. CZK.

The project is an extension of the existing hall to the southeast. The land will be placed in the new annex of the assembly hall, which will be linked to the existing hall. The proposed extension is rectangular in shape with dimensions of 22.6 x 12.0 m. The extension is divided into an assembly hall extension and single storey extension to the office with sloped flat roof.

In the existing building will be made on the ground floor layout changes, which will connect the existing hall with the newly built Elektrodílna and stock. Steel structure hall annex will be based on one flat and two-stage footings of concrete with reinforced bottom with two-stage foot. The existing footings will be extended towards the hall because of a new surcharge of columns from the crane runway. The entire footprint of the proposed extension of the hall will be fiber reinforced concrete foundation slab. The steel structure of the hall in the direction of span designed as dvouklobový frame. Anchoring of hall columns is performed using bonded anchors drilled into the channels during assembly of the steel structure. The new crane track for bridge crane with capacity of 10 tons will be stored on existing reinforced concrete columns.

Structurally it is a single-aisle steel hall with a flat roof without internal support. The supporting steel structure will be anchored by means of bolted joints on prepared footings. These are insulated construction of the hall. Building envelope will be carried out from a wall panel. There will be a hall, two new steel staircase to the second floor with a handrail on both sides. Finishing steel profiles will be hot-dip galvanizing. Roofing will be done profiled steel sheeting cold-rolled and hot-dip galvanized both sides mounted on a steel structure. As a final layer of asphalt will be done waterproofing. Doors and windows are new doors, industrial sectional doors, windows. The floor in the hall will be constructed as a concrete slab with greater coverage of reinforcement technology for automated trucks.


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Ground floor building, internal height 2.75 m, partially glazed.

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