Besides manufacturing our own containers and renting them out, here at WAREX we are also a major supplier of modular buildings. Over our lifetime, we have implemented a large number of projects within Czech and international markets, in particular involving civic amenities, sports facilities and office complexes.

Modular buildings are supplied to the extent and design as required by the customer, and we always secure related services. Warex provides a full range of services from suggesting appropriate locations to the supply of finished turnkey buildings. We always ensure all parameters in regard to fire protection, hygiene and safety, etc., are fully met. Besides our principal activities, i.e. the manufacture of containers and implementation of modular buildings, our customer service includes as standard:

  • Design documentation to the required level – from architectural study to implementation documents.
  • Civil engineering work securing discussion about the design documentation and acquisition of required permits and decisions.
  • All related building work from earthwork, implementation of substructure, landscaping, hard surfaces, utility connections and fencing to Czech Telecommunication Office requirements and planting greenery.


  • Prefabrication – manufactured in a factory with maximum completion level and the elimination of negative climate impacts – independent of weather, and significant time savings with earthwork and substructure taking place at the same time on the site, while the upper building structure is being manufactured within the plant.
  • Minimisation of environmental impact directly on the site of modular building implementation. For modular buildings, the negative impact of noise and dust over the long construction period typical for traditional building construction are essentially eliminated.
  • Large time savings in building implementation – due to the high completion level within the production plant, only completion work takes place on the site of implementation.

Modular buildings have no limit to their design standard and the use of materials both in interiors and on the external wall. The final façade can transform containers’ industrial appearance so it is indistinguishable from standard buildings constructed using a traditional method – the final appearance depends purely on the builder’s intention and options. In a nutshell, we can use any material, method and design which is available on the building market.

An experienced project manager always looks after the implementation of our modular buildings, and they will ensure smooth communication with the end customer and co-ordinate the professional team in design, preparation, manufacture and implementation.


  • civic amenities,
  • apartment buildings,
  • public housing,
  • facilities for senior citizens,
  • medical facilities,
  • construction of schools and nursery schools,
  • information centres,
  • office buildings,
  • sports facilities,
  • military buildings, etc.

For modular building references, visit Implemented Projects.


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