Modular containers

WAREX is a leading manufacturer of modular containers. In addition to standard and type-tested modules, we offer to customers custom products, both residential and sanitary, as well as all possible and often very creative combinations. All containers and container sets meet the most demanding construction market conditions and are certified according to strict local standards applicable in the countries where our company operates.

We have been manufacturing and developing our containers since 1991. In 2007, part of the production capacity was sold to a foreign company. However, in 2015 production was restored and activities with products offering new innovative technical solutions were initiated.

Our products come from the professional work of our own Research and Development department, which, in addition to using the latest technology and materials, draws mainly from the requirements of our customers. The entire production process, from design, through welding of steel frames to complex assembly, takes place in Javorník (expanded in 2010) and Jeseník (modernized in 2016). We provide transport and installation based on the customer’s wishes.

Standard container dimensions are typically 6,058 × 2,438 mm and height of 2,890 mm at an internal clear height of 2,500 mm. At the customer’s request, we are able to produce a container of virtually any size, with the size limit simply depending on the economics of the transport.

At the customer’s request, we also manufacture non-standard construction containers with a module length of up to 10,000 mm, width of up to 3,500 mm and internal height of up to 3,000 mm.

We also ensure the required thermal and fire resistance, the interior design of the walls, various types of facades, roofs, etc. For the sake of simplicity, a container can be presented as a spatial steel frame that can be filled in any of its six sides with any material and any surface treatment available on the building materials market.

Containers are becoming ever more useful in an increasingly widespread area of daily life, for example as a construction site equipment, accommodation areas, office buildings, store premises, sports facilities, fast food kiosks, military missions and many others.


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